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Trek's Saddest Death Was...

Trek's Saddest Death Was...

Saddest Trek Death

Star Trek fans have shed plenty of tears over the years, as beloved characters perished on screen. And so, we asked, which character's death was the saddest? The reply options included Data, Jadzia Dax, Lal, Spock, Tasha Yar and Trip Tucker. More than 25,000 fans voted and, clearly, fans got emotional about the demise of the heroic, selfless and logical Vulcan, Spock, in Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan. Here are the full results.

Spock (34%)

Data (21%)

Jadzia Dax (14% -- 3626 votes)

Lal (14%, 3432 votes)

Trip Tucker (8%)

Tasha Yar (5%, 1236 votes)

Kirk (5%, 1221 votes)

So, how did YOUR choice fare -- and were you as surprised as we were by just how low Kirk's death ranked?