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Trek Musical Instrument You Want To Learn Is...

Trek Musical Instrument You Want To Learn Is...

Musical instruments aren't exactly a mainstay across the Star Trek franchises, but more than a few have been on view -- and played in scenes -- over the years. And so, for our most recent weekly poll, asked the following question: Which Star Trek instrument do you want to learn to play? The reply options included Aldean Musical Instrument, Algolian Percussion Instrument, Bajoran Rattle, Elanin Singer Stones, Enaran Musical Instrument, Mavig's Harp, Ressikan Flute and Vulcan Lute. Thousands of fans participated in the poll, and here are the results...

Vulcan Lute (49%)

Ressikan Flute (35%)

Elanin Singer Stones (5%)

Aldean Musical Instrument (2%, 58 votes)

Enaran Musical Instrument (2%, 58 votes)

Bajoran Rattle (2%, 57 votes)

Mavig's Harp (2%, 56 votes)

Algolian Percussion Instrument (2%, 50 votes)

So, how in tune was your choice with the actual results?