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Which 'Star Trek' Alien Species Would You Want To Be?

The results of our latest poll are in.

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Our readers are clearly a logical sort., for our latest Twitter poll, asked "What Star Trek alien species would you want to be a part of?" More than 9,000 fans voted, and the favorite answer made itself pretty obvious early on:

Tuvok, Chancelor L'Rell, Quark Rom and Nog, Toreth

Several reader comments made us laugh, including this from @sureshtrumpet, who said, "I’m honestly going to go with '24th century human" for the write-in ballot, because life in the Federation looks pretty sweet. Also, my illogical love for poutine and watching Smallville instantly disqualifies me from being a Vulcan." And then there's @nellirisauthor, who also went off book, writing, "Andorian! I want to be blue and have cute antennas!"