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Piece Of Trek Tech Fans Want Most Is...

Piece Of Trek Tech Fans Want Most Is...

Which piece of Trek Tech would you want the most? That was our latest poll question, with the options including Holodeck, Phaser, Communicators, Tricorder, Geordi’s VISOR or Replicator. The results were surprising, not so much in terms of what won and what lost, but rather by how few votes four of the choices fetched. Holodeck won with 46%, outpacing Replicator at 40%. However, Phaser only notched 6%, with Tricorder grabbing 5%, followed by Communicators with 2% and Geordi’s VISOR beaming up a measly 1%, or an underwhelming grand total of… 79 votes.

Holodeck: 46%

Replicators: 40%

Phaser: 6%

Tricorder: 5%

Communicators: 2%

Geordi's Visor: 1%

So, how did YOUR piece of Trek Tech fare? Here’s what some of your fellow Trekkers had to say:“As a gamer, I want the holodeck technology so badly!” – Abigail Enabnit Beets“A replicator, obviously: you can make any of the others with it!” – Joe Cogan“I'm missing the warp drive in the list but I chose replicator. Yum!” – Sandra-Isabell Trautner“You forgot the transporter!” Kimberly Wade Erwin“A replicator would save me thousands on groceries!” – Jesse Gaspard“YES! One holodeck, please!” – Jonna Gronroos“Holodeck, because it has a Replicator built in! It's basically a walk in Replicator...” – Danny Delgado“Replicator... then replicate phaser.” – Cole Phoenix Mason