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Picardo Family Celebrates The Doctor's Big Win

Picardo Family Celebrates The Doctor's Big Win

Robert Picardo, his family – even their dog -- and The Doctor himself are celebrating the fact that you, Star Trek fans around the globe, named The Doctor the most popular Voyager character in our recent poll. recently tracked down Picardo, his wife Linda, their pooch Buddy and, of course, The Doctor, to glean their thoughts about The Doctor’s upset win over Captain Janeway and Seven of Nine.

OK, truth be told, Picardo shot us a quick email after we told him the results of our poll, and here are his amusing comments:

Picardo: Voyager boasted an extraordinary ensemble of actors and I am flattered and humbled by this news.

The Doctor: I'm pleased to inform those who voted for me that your critical faculties are functioning within normal parameters.

Linda Picardo: As long as he empties the dishwasher, I don't care either way.

Buddy (the family dog): Will this distinction mean more chicken and less kibble?

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