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Picard Named Best Star Trek Captain

Picard Named Best Star Trek Captain

'The Best Star Trek Captain' is always one of the most-debated topics among fans. But what truly makes a great captain? Starting in January, we asked fans which leadership traits were most important for a Star Trek captain to possess and fans responded with the following, in order: confident, courageous, desire and intelligence. The team then added one more to the list -- inspiring -- and put the traits to a vote.

In the first poll, James T. Kirk was voted as the most confident, followed closely by Jean-Luc Picard. The following week, fans named Kathryn Janeway the most courageous captain, with Kirk in second. Picard took first during the third week as the most decisive captain with Kirk trailing behind him. Week four saw Picard take the top spot as the most intelligent captain with 61% of the vote. And Picard continued his winning ways in the final week, with fans naming him the most inspiring captain.

After five weeks and more than 50,000 votes, the" Best Star Trek Captain," as voted by you, is... Jean-Luc Picard. Check out some of the comments below, and see if they match your thoughts or change your mind at all.

Kirk, everything else exists because of him. -- Jeff Terrell

Janeway fan, but in all fairness, Archer went where no human ever had. -- Donna Smith

Captain Janeway...because she could kick butt, but took the time to understand her crew members & adjusted her leadership style to the needs of her crew. In my managerial duties, I often ask myself, "What would Janeway do?" -- Teri Poff

If you're talking inspiration, I would have to say Janeway. She actually had to inspire her crew given the nature of their situation. -- James Harding

While Captain Picard is the leader in this poll, partially for good reason, it is necessary to imprint the importance of Captain Kirk, the man who pioneered interplanetary space exploration. The rest followed after him. The bugs had been worked out, so to speak. The courage of the pioneer is never to be dismissed. This pioneering allows for superior success of predecessors. -- Toni Barton

Picard, hands down. I mean, what would Kirk do if he met the Borg Queen? He'd sleep with her. -- Rob Stepp

We're talking "captains" here. Who do you want leading you? I would blindly and eagerly obey any order from Picard; I know he respects my efforts and life, I know he's thoroughly and rationally considered the task, and I know his intentions are completely noble. Janeway is a close second, Sisko is a little too passionate, and I would be terrified to serve under Kirk. -- Brian Mackie

Picard was the best captain, but Archer was most decisive... mostly because he ignored everyone else, not to mention the prime directive and starfleet orders. He wasn't a good captain, but he was a decisive one. -- Chris Jones

Sisko was the most realistic captain. -- Carlton Hinds

Picard is more diplomatic and was right for his time. Kirk had a more hands-on approach and manned up when needed, which was great for his time. But all in all, a Captain ain't worth his weight in salt if he don't have the right crew backing (him). But as far as personnality, I would choose Kirk. -- Michael Schramm

ARCHER!!!!!!!!!! He's so under rated! -- Matt Wysocki

I'd have to say Capt. Janeway...under extremely dire circunstances she delegated and commanded with finess and style and compassiion yet always mainatain her balance as a Capt. and never lost sight of any goal. -- Chip Warren

I vote for Picard! I don't know if the character was the most intelligent of all captains but, Patrick Stewart playing it makes it seem more intellectual!!! For me he was the perfect captain, clever, severe when he has to be, serious, but also tender...Hands up all women who think that PICARD IS SEXY!!!! -- Kaotika Hippie

Picard is by far the most well read, insightful captain. There's a reason he is getting the most votes: british accent. It makes anything sound 10 times more intelligent... -- Jerry Rivas

Is has to be Picard, there is no one better. Maybe Janeway is a close second. -- Tom LeClare

Picard is THE Captain. -- Corey Sullivan

Did fans finally get it right?  What do you think?