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Perth Mint Unveils Deep Space Nine Coins

Perth Mint Unveils Deep Space Nine Coins

The Perth Mint, following the successful release of its previous Star Trek coins, has announced it third instalment of official limited edition of Star Trek collectibles commemorating the cultural phenomenon. The Perth Mint has just launched Deep Space Nine

, celebrating Captain Benjamin Sisko and the space station Deep Space 9. The pure silver coin features a color image of Avery Brooks as Captain Benjamin Sisko against a depiction of the space station Deep Space 9, while the Deep Space 9 coin portrays an image of the space station against a colored space background. The coins will be part of an extremely limited edition, with no more than 5,000 of each individual coin and 1500 of the two-coin set released. Each coin is available individually for $115, while the two-coin set, presented in novel, light-up "Transporter"-style packaging, costs $230. Fans can purchase them from, while fans in Australia can purchase the coins at the Perth Mint Shop in East Perth and at leading coin dealers and Australia Post outlet). Learn more about Perth Mint collector coins HERE or follow The Perth Mint on Twitter @perthmint.


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