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Personal Log, Ensign Davis Wexler

Personal Log, Ensign Davis Wexler

I never thought I’d be mining rocks with a bunch of lizard-people on a planet created out of thin air by a group of godlike aliens.

I read about how the original Federation colony on Cestus III was wiped out by the Gorn, so I wasn’t too thrilled when I was assigned to Edren IV as part of a joint Federation-Gorn mining operation. Sure, we’re technically at peace with them now -- Captain Kirk of the Enterprise somehow managed to broker a peace treaty with the Gorn Hegemony. But I still wonder how long that peace will last with such a -- literally -- cold-blooded race.

That being said, the Gorn seem to be pretty good miners! We’ve managed to help boost the efficiency of their mining drills, all the while avoiding the geological instabilities inherent to EdrenIV. As long as no one gets too impatient and overcharges the drills, this should be a relatively safe expedition.

We’re supposed to be getting some off-world visitors today, some special agents of the Federation sent to inspect our mining operations. Good timing! Anything to liven things up around here. Aside from its rich mining resources, Edren IV is a pretty dull place.

In “Miner Instabilities,” you are sent to Edren IV to investigate a temporal anomaly as part of a response team. A joint Federation-Gorn mining expedition has fallen under attack by Romulan forces, possibly with the aid of time travelers. You must drive the attackers back from the Federation camp, rescue the Gorn miners and then split your forces to attack the Romulan-occupied mining camp on two fronts.

“Miner Instabilities” is a new PvE queue available for levels 51+, allowing you to earn Fleet Marks or Temporal Marks.

Randy “Arkayne” Mosiondz

Senior Game Designer

Star Trek Online