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Papa Picard? Mother Janeway? The Winner Is...

Papa Picard? Mother Janeway? The Winner Is...

Papa Picard, it is – even though the guy dislikes children!, in our latest poll, asked fans “Which Star Trek captain would you most want as one of your parents?” Thousands of fans took the time to reply, and here’s the breakdown. Picard – somehow -- won the day with 32 percent, while Kirk came in second with 22. They bested Janeway, who tallied 19 percent, Sisko with 17 percent and Archer with 10 percent.

Captain Picard- 32%

Captain Janeway - 19% Captain Kirk - 22%

Captain Archer - 10%                         Captain Sisko - 17%

Below are some fan comments:

“Which captain would make the best parent? Got to be Sisko; he was the only captain to maintain a relationship with his kid. The only other parent captain parent was Kirk, but he had a very brief time with his adult son.” – Jason Kelly“Anyone but Kirk... all of Kirk’s children died...” – Ben Grimm“Kirk I imagine would be an awful absent father. Janeway OK, except for the 7-year absence. Picard? A man who doesn’t like children. Sisko seems to be a good parent, though.” – Michaela Lyktberg“Mum Janeway, daddy Kirk. Now, they can give a child so much love, fun and discipline. As much as I love Picard, he would be an awful father: he doesn't like children, and is too cold.” – KloDiana Xhindole