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"Origins" Blu-ray To Revisit Original Series Firsts

"Origins" Blu-ray To Revisit Original Series Firsts

If you’re new to Star Trek: The Original Seriesor in need of a refresher, look no further than Star Trek: The Original Series – Origins. Due for release on September 10, Origins features five crucial episodes, episodes that introduced the show’s main characters or iconic villains and creatures. The episodes include “The Cage,” the original Star Trek pilot (featuring Pike and Spock); “Where No Man Has Gone Before,” the second pilot (which featured Kirk and aired as the third episode of season one); “Space Seed,” which gave fans their first glimpse of Khan; “Errand of Mercy,” in which the Enterprise crew, and fans, met the Klingons; and “The Trouble with Tribbles,” which first unleashed the cute but problematic Tribbles.

Star Trek: The Original Series: Origins will run 4 hours and 25 minutes and will cost $26.99. Click HERE to pre-order at

And, on a related note, August 13 will herald the arrival of Star Trek: The Original Series Remastered Seasons 1-3, Best Buy-exclusive DVD sets that – like The Next Generation sets released earlier in 2013 – will boast sleek new packaging, including a multi-disc amaray within the slipcase, and will come housed in an O-sleeve with a textured finish. Each season set will offers a Starfleet division uniform with its respective color scheme as well as a familiar TOS gadget. So, Season One comes in gold and features a tricorder, while Season Two arrives in blue and features a communicator and Season Three is in red and features a phaser.

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