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Operation Enterprise Officially Opens at Movie Park Germany

Operation Enterprise Officially Opens at Movie Park Germany

Star Trek: Operation Enterprise, the new triple launch coaster at Movie Park Germany, is officially open and taking guests on the ride of their lives. The attraction opened today, after two years of planning and construction activity.

'We’re incredibly proud of our new themed attraction,” Thorsten Backhaus, General Manager of Movie Park Germany, said in a statement. “It’s a roller coaster that gives guests an adrenaline rush and much more, because it takes them right into the heart of the Star Trek universe before the ride even begins, making them part of the story. We’re the only theme park to have secured an official Star Trek coaster license. Movie Park Germany collaborated closely with CBS Consumer Products in the USA to get this project off the ground, and it’s a real milestone for both partners.”

Star Trek: Operation Enterprise is an all-encompassing experience. Guests access the coaster from the brand-new Federation Plaza theme area via an entirely Star Trek-themed building that covers an area of more than 1000 m2. The coaster itself features a twisted halfpipe with a 40-metre elevation that is one of a kind in Europe, plus an eight-ton transfer track system. Guests can also expect to see a holodeck, two transporter rooms and a true-to-original replica of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D bridge as seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Guests are, in fact, part of a Star Trek storyline that they become immersed in as they move from room to room and are “trained” for their first mission as Starfleet cadets. The Enterprise and her crew are on their way to a United Federation of Planets meeting when they are attacked by the Borg and taken aboard the enemy ship. The Enterprise is now unmanned and caught in a tractor beam. The only hope of rescue is the Starfleet cadets on the bridge of a nearby ship at the time of the attack. They are preparing to be launched out of their ship’s transporter room in shuttles on a rescue mission. This holodeck mission’s success depends on the cadets breaching the Borg ship’s deflector shield, destroying its main systems and saving the crew of the Enterprise. The mission itself begins when guests enter the triple launch coaster. Complementing the entire experience, the Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra recorded a full and rich soundtrack that can be heard both outside and inside the attraction.

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