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One Trek Mind -- 10 Best @SirPatStew TwitPics

One Trek Mind -- 10 Best @SirPatStew TwitPics

We're coming up on the one year anniversary of something that, at first, I didn't think would have any real bearing on the life of a Star Trek fan: Patrick Stewart's move to Brooklyn and his subsequent adoption of Twitter.Something about the vibrancy and vitality of Stewart and fiancee Sunny Ozell's neighborhood in Park Slope has inspired Stewart to take his already awesome personality and kick it up to Warp Factor 7. And he's not been quiet about it. He's been nothing but an Internet sensation of late, either giving extemporaneous and inspiring speeches about domestic violence or eating pizza (more on that in a bit.)Since so much of this has been made voluntarily public via Stewart's twitter feed it technically isn't stalking!With that, here are the 10 best TwitPics from @SirPatStew!

10 – “Self portrait with candy floss”Candy floss is the British version of cotton candy. As in “we rode in a lorry on the motorway, then took the lift up and ate candy floss.” This picture was part of a diptych – the other involved a mini sculpture of a human face made out of the sticky pink stuff.

9 – “30 minutes old. Welcome to the world, Charles Leland Michelson.”Tremendous. Emotion just bursting out of this one. Michelson is Sunny Ozell's full last name, but I'm not quite sure what the relation is here. Either way, this little guy looks to have a new fan in “Uncle Sir Patrick.”

8 – “Late night Chinese after a @sunnyozell gig with @ChrisjMorrissey@julianvelard and Michael Emerson. #chopstickskillsI love this picture for a number of different reasons. I like that Stewart is out there grabbing a late night meal and I like that all of his pals dress this way. And I like that he has such has chopstick skills.

7 – “I should have never switched to Verizon. #NSAThis is a very recent one, making a crack at the Edward Snowden leak. Also, it could be a sly reference to the very public Twitter spat Stewart got into with Time Warner Cable when he first moved to Brooklyn. (Like many of us in the five boroughs, he had a less-than-stellar encounter with customer service.)

Either way, the only thing that could make this picture better is audio of Stewart shouting “there are four lights!!”6 – XavierI sometimes forget that, to some people, Sir Patrick Stewart is Professor Charles Xavier before he's Captain Jean-Luc Picard. (Those people are crazy, of course, but there's no need to speak ill of them.) For his X-fans, Picard tweeted this pic in front of a well-known Manhattan high school (whose alumni include US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and classic character actor George Dzundza.)

5 - “My first ever pizza "slice". Please note: the authentic NY fold.”This was the tweet that was heard around the world. At first it seems like just an innocent photo of dude eating a greasy slice (note the see-thru paper plate) but it was the caption that got everyone's attention. “First ever pizza?!?” How could this be?

Making headlines in outlets as mainstream as USA Today, a follow-up interview confirmed that, yes, Stewart has eaten pizza before, but just never in hand-held slice form. (He did grow up in Northern England, after all.)4 - “Who doesn't love winter citrus season?”I don't know what that is on Patrick Stewart's face, but I know that this picture is awesome.

3 – Twitter avatarBut however awesome that picture is, this context-free one used by Stewart for his Twitter avatar is even better.

2 – “ALL HAIL @sunnyozell on her birthday.”Something tells me Stewart and Ozell do an awful lot of laughing. This picture is particularly amusing when you recall that one of Stewart's earliest big breaks in television was as the head of Tiberius' Praetorian Guard Sejanus on the BBC's production of Robert Graves' I, Claudius.

1 - “Picard”A recent photo snapped in France. I say “hell, yes.”

This is ample evidence that Sir Patrick Stewart brings his sense of humor with him wherever he goes. There are film and television stars out there that, for whatever reason, are embarrassed to embrace the characters that have made them legends. They feel the need to distance themselves, to downplay the roles that connect with audiences, to only want to talk about the new stuff. Patrick Stewart continues to make new stuff – his Twitter feed was full of images from a low budget production he recently shot in Israel with no known Hollywood stars. But he's also out there connecting with the longtime fans every day – even more so now that he's sharing these images with us.How about you? Have you been following SirPatStew on Twitter? Was there a picture you thought belonged on this list that I left off? Let me know in the comments below.