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North Carolina Councilman Resigns... in Klingon

North Carolina Councilman Resigns... in Klingon

Charlotte Observer

Teach (the) city (the) constitution
I will return next time to (witness) victory.
Resignation occurs in 2014 the 31st of January.
Perhaps today is a good day (to) resign.

David Waddell

The story, of course, has gone viral and reached the far corners of the Earth. According to the Observer, they tried to reach Waddell for comment, but didn’t succeed. However, Waddell addressed the resulting frenzy on his Facebook page, writing: “The best explanation I can come up with,” he said, “is that in a world of 24-hour news there is very little that is surprising anymore.”

Meanwhile, Mayor Alvarez accepted Waddell’s resignation, though he took Waddell to task for being childish and unprofessional, calling his actions “an embarrassment.” Later on, however, talking to the Observer, Mayor Alvarez invoked some Star Trek-ese of his own. “When things have a galactic or absurd quote, that’s when people pay attention,” Alvarez noted. “I would’ve preferred if he had sent (a resignation letter) in English to give to the council. But I wish him luck. Live long and prosper.”

So, what do YOU think? Was Waddell brilliant or unprofessional? And was Mayor Alvarez justified in his response?