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Nichelle Nichols Conquers San Diego Comic-Con

Nichelle Nichols Conquers San Diego Comic-Con

Perhaps the most ubiquitous person at San Diego Comic-Con was Nichelle Nichols. That she's 83 years old and not that far removed from a stroke made her omnipresence that much more remarkable.

Star Trek's legendary Uhura took the stage at the IMAX world premiere of Star Trek Beyond. Her appearance, which occurred pre-screening, elicited wild cheers from the adoring audience.

Nichols also beamed over to the Entertainment Earth booth for a signing.

On Saturday, Nichols pulled up to the Michael J. Wolf Fine Arts gallery, home of the "50 Artists. 50 Years." art exhibition to see the many pieces, including one by Nick Walker entitled "Uhura."

And she wasn't done yet. Nichols then beamed down to the M-A-C station where she was met by a Starfleet away team for an escorted tour of the set. While visiting each section, Nichols posed for photos with actress/singer Ariana Nova, the station's Uhura, who later called the moment one of the best of her life. Nichols posed as well with the rest of the experience's Trek characters.

Speaking to about Trek's 50th anniversary and her weekend at Comic-Con, Nichols said, "I think it's fantastic, but I'm just not that old. Star Trek may be 50, but I'm 33... and I lie very well, don't I? But, to be here for the Beyond premiere and these signings and everything else, it means the world to me.

"You could say it's amazing, but it doesn't amaze me because the Star Trek fans have been there from the beginning -- and they're still there," Nichols continued. "They're fantastic. It's not just me. We're all here, and Star Trek is still here, because of the fans. They love us and the shows and the movies, and they really understand what Gene Roddenberry was doing when he created Star Trek and gave this great gift to all of us."