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Next Hollywood Star Should Go To...?

Next Hollywood Star Should Go To...?

Walter Koenig received his Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame earlier this month, and, for our latestpoll, asked readers which Star Trek actor should be the next one to receive a Star. The options included Kate Mulgrew, Jonathan Frakes, Jeri Ryan, Brent Spiner, Avery Brooks and Scott Bakula. Spiner won by a landslide, tallying 42% of the vote and handily besting Frakes (16%), Mulgrew (14%), Bakula (12%) and Brooks (11%). Ryan, meanwhile, surprisingly earned just 5% of the vote.

Spiner: 42%

Frakes:16%                                     Mulgrew:14%

Bakula: 12%                        Brooks: 11%                            Ryan:5%

Here’s a sampling of reader comments: “Hell, yeah, Brent Spiner! One of my all-time favorite actors. His new web series is awesome.” -- Krys Angelopoulos“I love them all, but chose Bakula since he has done the most overall/out of franchise work.” -- Danielle Everson“While this is a really tough poll, I had to go with Brent Spiner. While Jonathan Frakes is an extremely close second in my book (bordering on a tie, even); Brent Spiner's portrayal of the tragic comedy that is Data shows an unmatched acting ability in most shows I've seen to date.” -- Nic Hallenger“Avery Brooks all the way; can't go wrong with Hawk. My second would be Bakula; long TV career and a few movies like Lord of Illusions.” -- Justin Savage“Kate Mulgrew is the best.” -- Bronwyn Dargaville“Brent Spiner for me, not only for his work as the Soong family, but his work on stage and singing career.” -- Rob Burch“Next to get a Star.. Kate Mulgrew or Brent Spiner. Best actors on that list.” -- James Harding“Can't believe Jeri is pulling up the rear. She did an amazing job as Seven of Nine. You can tell she's a great actress because she is absolutely nothing like Seven of Nine in reality.” - Joshua Joyner