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New TOS 50th Anniversary Art Prints Available Now

New TOS 50th Anniversary Art Prints Available Now

Cliff Cramp, Jeff Foster, Mark Brayer and David Owens have created four new artworks for Bye Bye, Robot's new Star Trek 50th anniversary prints, and they're available now. Returning artist Cramp's contribuation is his 18”x24”-sized “TOS 50th Crew” poster, which depicts a group lineup of the iconic The Original Series crew. An ethereal view of the U.S.S. Enterprise behind the crew portraits, the transporters operating below, and the use of vivid colors serve to create a bold image commemorating Trek's momentous anniversary.

Next up is fellow returning artist Jeff Foster's piece, titled “Exploring the Unknown.” It's a 18”x24”-sized, predominantly blue-toned vision of the U.S.S. Enterprise gliding through uncharted territory toward a lighted section of space. The imagery represents the exciting sense of exploring the unknown that was featured so greatly throughout the entire series. Foster’s unique style of using only a palette knife -- no brushes -- on his originals may also be seen in his depiction of the 50th Anniversary logo in the lower corner of the design.

Piece number three in the 50th anniversary group is by returnee Mark Brayer. His distinctive style is noticeable immediately in the 16"x18" print, which is titled "ST50," and bears his strong use of graphic shapes and illustrative linework in the detail. The balance between the ship and commemorative logo draws the viewer’s eye all the way through this design honoring the ideas, views and long-lasting appeal of the show.

The fourth piece is by David Owens, the newest artist working with Bye Bye Robot. Owens' 50th anniversary print, “The Bridge,” measures 12”x24” and offers a wide view of the U.S.S. Enterprise bridge from an angle that is rarely seen. This scene is framed by the bold red, yellow and blue colors of the TOS bridge and its structural elements. Bye Bye, Robot co-founder Charity Wood noted, “Being without crew, this image allows the viewer’s imaginations to create the story of this piece. It allows for endless possibilities of what might happen next and the anticipation of seeing the crew rush in through the turbolift doors at any moment.”

Each of the new art prints is printed on acid-free heavyweight coverstock. Priced at $25 a piece, they are available in the U.S. for purchase, beginning today, from at the price listed above, plus shipping.