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New Star Trek Collection Launches

New Star Trek Collection Launches

Star Trek fans can enjoy hours of "magnetic" and "sticky" fun thanks to Ata-Boy and their new line of Star Trek magnets, buttons, stickers and more.

TOSMagnetic Playset lets fans re-create their favorite Star Trek scenes with themed magnetic pieces like the Gorn, Kirk, Spock, phasers, communicators and an interactive background.

Need some refrigerator art? The TOS and TNG magnets include iconic characters with "fan-centric" editorial. We especially love the double-face palm magnet.

Ata-Boy has also added to their extensive selection of Trek-themed, circular single-image stickers with new stickers depicting the Starfleet Academy "Command" logo, a phaser (with the phrase "Set Phasers to Awesome"), a communicator (with the phrase "Beam Me Up, Scotty!"), the Enterprise (with the phrase "Engage Warp Drive") and more.

The complete line, including TOS and TNG 1 1/4" buttons, is now available at gift and specialty stores in the U.S. and Canada.