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New Star Trek Art Prints Available Today

New Star Trek Art Prints Available Today

Effective today, Bye Bye Robot is online, having launched a new site offering an array of original prints inspired by Star Trek: The Original Series. The TOS prints will be followed soon by new paintings with imagery from TNG,DS9, Voyager and Enterprise. “It is the culmination of our passion – and the passion of all the great fans – for Star Trek that is truly being displayed," says Charity Wood, Bye Bye Robot’s co-founder and artist.

Chris Wood, Bye Bye Robot’s co-founder, adds, "We started with Subspace Communique, our fan site, years ago and have watched the fan base of Star Trek grow stronger ever since. They want more, and now we have the opportunity to provide a bit more for them. It's a very exciting time for us."

The Star Trek prints are entirely original works of art that will be hand signed, numbered by the artist and available in limited runs. Depending on demand, the original paintings may also be made available for purchase. To help launch their new enterprise, Charity and Chris Wood will take to the convention circuit throughout 2012, including Creation Entertainment’s Official Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas, in August.

Click HERE for more information about Bye Bye Robot and to view their Star Trek art. And keep an eye on for news about Bye Bye Robot’s next Star Trek art releases.