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New Issue of Official Trek Magazine Out Now

New Issue of Official Trek Magazine Out Now

Issue #59 of The Official Star Trek Magazine continues their celebration of 50 years of Star Trek with an interview with Sandy Gimpel, the actress who played Trek’s first-ever alien menace in The Original Series' television debut episode, “The Man Trap.” Staying in the 60s, the magazine gives credit to the NBC insiders who kept Star Trek on air: NBC exec Mort Werner and Jean Messerschmidt, Director of NBC’s Standards and Practices team.

In an issue packed with fascinating interviews, Alexander Siddig talks candidly about how he grew up playing Dr. Julian Bashir on Deep Space Nine, and Tony Todd discusses his guest appearances as Klingons. Fans will also find out from Kirstie Alley why she didn’t make it back for more adventures as Saavik after The Wrath of Khan.

Also, as Star Trek prepares to head into bold new television frontiers, Issue #59 of The Official Star Trek Magazine investigates the Trek credentials of Star Trek: Discovery executive producer Bryan Fuller, and asks how his previous work might influence the new show. And there are yet more bite-sized interviews in part two of “The Big Five-Oh” – Star Trek Magazine’s year-long mission to speak to as many Star Trek alumni as possible in one mammoth, multi-issue interview bonanza.

With Star Trek Beyond available now for for fans to own digitally and on disc, now felt like the time for the magazine to engage their team of Trek-Talkers, who need to talk about the movie’s troubled villain, Krall. Of course, Balthazar Edison isn’t the only Starfleet captain to have gone off his warp core, as you’ll discover in their look back at Star Trek’s captains-gone-mad.

Starfleet’s finest science officers get their spot in the limelight, and fans will learn everything they need to know about “Engage – The Official Star Trek Podcast" from host (and Trek super-fan) Jordan Hoffman. Plus, there’s a last-minute holiday gift guide, the latest Trek news and reviews, and chances to win Star Trek pins from Fansets and 50 Years ofStar Trek book from Titan.

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