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Netflix's Top-10 Most Re-Watched Trek Episodes

Netflix's Top-10 Most Re-Watched Trek Episodes

Netflix is currently streaming 695 episodes of Star Trek and, in advance of the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery premiere, the streaming service has released some, well, fascinating, factoids -- including most re-watched episodes -- based on their examination of subscriber viewing habits – and that’s 104 million people across 190 countries. Nearly 12,000 fans have spent over 536 hours (or 22 days) watching Star Trek. Netflix released the list of top ten most re-wached Star Trek episodes on Netflix, check it out:

10. Star Trek: The Next Generation "Clues"

9. Star Trek: Voyager "Time and Again"

8. Star Trek: The Next Generation "Q Who?"

7. Star Trek: Voyager "Dark Frontier, Parts I & 2"

6. Star Trek: Voyager "The Gift,"

5. Star Trek: Voyager "Scorpion, Part 2"

4. Star Trek: Voyager "Scorpion, Part 1"

3. Star Trek: The Next Generation "The Best of Both Worlds, Part 2"

2. Star Trek: The Next Generation "The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1"

1. Star Trek: VoyagerEndgame: Parts 1 & 2

Voyager boasts the most-revisited episode in the galaxy, namely the series finale. As one would expect, the first episodes of a Trek series are usually the most-watched. Thus, in an effort to seek data beyond default behavior, the first two episodes from any season ones were omitted from the data. Beyond the first two episodes of any season one in the collection, it’s episodes introducing iconic races, characters or captains that tend to be re-visited most. Also, not surprisingly, time travel, alien abductions or crossover episodes are big winners with Star Trek fans. The Next Generation and The Original Series can claim the largest audiences on Netflix, but Voyager and Deep Space Nine fans are better repeat customers, more likely to return for their favorite episodes.

Star Trek: Discovery will debut September 24 on CBS All Access in the U.S. and Space Channel in Canada. The series will premiere on Netflix in the rest of the world on September 25.