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Mysterious Mr. F Donates to DS9 Doc

Mysterious Mr. F Donates to DS9 Doc

The Indiegogo campaign launched last month to support the making of the documentary What We Left Behind: A Look Back at Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, has been - and continues to be - a massive success. Already, the campaign has blasted past its initial fundraising goal, as well as past two stretch goals, which will result in an extention of the running time from an hour to at least 90 minutes, additional 3D graphics and animation, an original score with a live orchestra and an extended writers' room feature. Now at $400,000 and counting, the next stretch goals are $425,000 and $500,000. Check out an amusing new video - featuring Ira Steven Behr and a mystery man identified only as Mr. F. - just released by the What We Left Behind team.

As previously reported, What We Left Behind: A Look Back At Star Trek: Deep Space Nine will delve deep into DS9's past and look forward as well, via a writers' room session devoted to an imaginary eighth season. Adam Nimoy is on board as director, with David Zappone/455 Films producing. Producer/showrunner Behr leads fourteen Deep Space Nine actors that are committed to the project.

Contributors can select from a wide variety of perks, including DS9 pin sets, Blu-ray/DVD combo packs, screen credits, NY and LA screening packages, and more.

Visit What We Left Behind Documentary to learn more and to contribute.