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These Are Your Must Have Star Trek Cosplay Items

Convention season is in full swing, and we've got all the costume gear you need to shine.

Cosplay Cover

With C2E2 and WonderCon wrapped, the 2019 convention season is officially in full swing. Over the next few months fans will head out to San Diego Comic Con, more intimate gatherings like Geek Girl Con, the amazing fan-centric meetups like DragonCon, and of course, fandom specific hangs like our own Star Trek Las Vegas. Each of these conventions provides attendees with a unique experience  — the excitement of the massive crowds at SDCC, or the warm feelings of solidarity and sisterhood that permiate the smaller GGC halls — but one thing never changes.

It doesn't matter whether they've been working on their costumes for months, or threw something together last minute, From San Diego to Atlanta you're going to find cosplayers.

Taking up cosplay can feel intimidating at first. Where do you start? Is your costume accurate enough? Is it cheating not to make everything yourself? And, either way, how do you build up your costume closet without going bankrupt? We can't solve every cosplay conundrum, but if Star Trek cosplay is your game we can definitely help. Whether you're just just getting started, or looking to take an existing costume to the next level, we've got you covered. Here are the essential costumes, props, and other sundries you'll want for your 2019 Star Trek cosplays that you'll need in 2019.

Discovery Command Uniforms

Discovery Uni

Show your Discovery love at a con with these perfect replica uniforms. $134-$143, Amazon.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Skant


This TNG deep cut look is the perfect bridge between the TOS dress, and a traditional uniform jumpsuit. $275, Anovos

Star Trek: The Original Series Uniform Dress


You can never go wrong cosplaying in this replica of the classic 1960s uniform. $250, Anovos

Stilla Stay-All-Day Black Eyeliner


Whether you're going for a TOS cat-eye, Burnham's subtle lines, or just need to draw on perfect Trill spots all the way down to your neck, this eyeliner is the perfect Trek tool. $22, Sephora

Fenty Beauty Matte Foundation

matte foundation

Get your face ready for a day of cheesing for the holo-cam with a great matte foundation. $35, Sephora

Mehron Green Greasepaint

Grease Paint

And if being human isn't your bag, get yourself some Mehron Greasepaint. This green just happens to be perfect for an Orion cadet. $9, Amazon

Makeup Forever HD Loose Powder


Our favorite Data cosplayer stresses the importance of laying on the powder, and we couldn't agree more. Make sure your Trek look stays put with this setting powder. $20-$36, Sephora

1960s Style Wig


The higher the hair, the closer to space. Up your TOS vibe with a perfect 1960s 'do. Prices vary, Max Wigs

Communicator Badge Assortment


tos communicator


Never lose touch with your con-mates with this selection of communication badges and old school communicators. Prices vary, Shop

The Next Generation Padd Notebook


This notebook is the perfect costume prop — not only does it look just like a PADD device, it's also perfect for taking notes at interesting panels! $12, Amazon

The Original Series Phaser


You won't be able to set this phaser to stun, but it'll still serve admirably as a cosplay prop. $31, Amazon

The Original Series Tricorder


Boldly explore and scan new worlds with this TOS tricorder.$52, Amazon

A Realistic Electronic Tribble


Looking for a unique prop? You won't regret purchasing this purring, procreating pet. $80, Amazon

Regulation Sized Baseball


Sometimes the magic's in the details. Finish off your Captain Sisko cosplay with this regulation baseball, a perfect final touch.$6, Amazon

Portable Sewing Kit

sewing kit

Listen, accidents happen. Channel your inner engineer when you whip this out to fix, stitch, or snip at any rips or errant strings your costume might develop.$7, Amazon