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53 Years of Mudd's Women

For the anniversary of its first airing, we're presenting some of our favorite facts from the iconic episode.

"Mudd's Women" aired 49 years ago today, or on October 13, 1966. The episode — the third of Star Trek: The Original Series' first season — marked the first appearance of Roger C. Carmel as Harry Mudd, the likeable conman who keeps the company of almost-too-perfect ladies.

In honor of the episode's first airing 53 years ago today, here are 9 facts, figures and anecdotes about "Mudd's Women."

1. Carmel, the fan-favorite actor played the irascible Mudd, appeared again in "I, Mudd" and also voiced the character in "Mudd's Passion," an episode of The Animated Series. He died in 1986 at the age of 54.

2. The idea for the story sprang from a concept by Gene Roddenberry called "The Women." It was introduced in March 1964, a long while before "Mudd's Women" would finally be produced and aired.

3. "Mudd's Women" was one of the three options considered to serve as Trek's second pilot.

4. In the episode, Spock is referred to as "Vulcanian."

5. That guy in green overalls? It's Eddie Paskey as Connors, though Paskey would be seen throughout Star Trek usually as Lt. Leslie — and attired in red.

6. This was director Harvey Hart's one and only TOS episode. According to Memory Alpha, "the production of this episode went a day over schedule. According to Bob Justman and Herbert Solow, this was due to the intricate camera setups used by director Harvey Hart, which had good results but were too time-consuming. Hart also made things difficult for the editors by 'camera cutting' the show, leaving few choices of shot available. Due to these factors, Hart was not invited back to the show."

7. "Mudd's Women" is one of just two episodes in which the crystal that power the Enterprise are called lithium rather than dilithium.

8. The quarters used by Mudd and his ladies was actually the set for Kirk's quarters, with all of the furnishings removed.

9. According to Starlog Magazine, "A lengthy monologue in which Harry Mudd attempted to persuade Uhura into taking the Venus drug was also excluded from the episode. The scene's removal was because it was deemed too wordy and long."

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