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All the Gifts That'll Score You Huge Points This Mother's Day

From apparel to garden gnomes, we've got perfect present for your 'Star Trek' obsessed mom.

Mothers Day

Put yourself in the shoes of Michael Burnham, Deanna Troi, Spock, Wesley Crusher or Molly and Kirayoshi O'Brien. Mother’s Day is approaching at warp speed and they need just the right gift for Dr. Burnham, Lwaxana, Amanda, Dr. Crusher and Keiko. What to do? Well, you can start by checking out our list of fun and unique Star Trek-themed Mother's Day gift options for the mom in your life. We're talking everything from wine glasses and apparel to jewelry and... garden gnomes!

Prism Wine Glass Bundle


Mom will certainly drink to this. Featured in this bundle are five individual prism wine glasses, including The Next Generation Delta Prism Wine Glass, Voyager Delta Prism Wine Glass, The Original Series Delta Prism Wine Glass, United Federation of Planets Prism Wine Glass, and Discovery Prism Wine Glass. Available now in the Star Trek Shop, $49.99 for the bundle.

Starfleet Division Sterling Silver Trillion Ring


The ring you chose depends on which Starfleet division the family matriarch is in - or aspires to be in. There's Blue Topaz, Red Garnet and Yellow Citrine from which to choose, each handmade in New York City from nickel-free artisan silver and accented by four celestial brilliant-cut rounds. The rings are available from ThinkGeek -via RockLove - in a variety of sizes, and range in price from $59.99 to $99.99.

Picard Garden Gnome

Garden Gnome

Picard always called his mom "Maman." If your Maman happens to be a Picard fan, she's in luck, as Big Mouth has in stock this adorable, almost eight-inch-tall Picard Garden Gnome. Picard is seated in his captain's chair, pointing forward, and beneath him, the base declares, "Engage!" Beam up your Picard Garden Gnome, which is priced at $24.99, from

Discovery Disco Women's T-Shirt

Disco Shirt

Get your mother geared up for her next workout with the Star Trek: Discovery Disco Women's T-Shirt, which features the Discovery delta on both sleeves and the word DISCO - nickname for the U.S.S. Discovery - on the front. The shirt comes in midnight navy and is available in sizes ranging from small to XX-large. It's on sale now in the Star Trek Shop, and costs $18.99 (normally $26.99).

Trillion Sterling Necklace


Mom can class up anywhere she goes with this sleek, stylish sterling silver necklace from RockLove that features a 7mm trillion-cut white cubic zirconia crystal set in a 17mm x 10mm class Trek delta shield, and a faceted 20"-long sterling silver bead chain with spring ring clasp. Available from ThinkGeek, the necklace costs $129.99.

Vulcan Salute Women's Dolman T-Shirt

Salute tee

This shirt just might be the logical choice for the Amanda in your life. It's a heather grey Dolman t-shirt emblazoned with an image of the split-fingered Vulcan greeting/salute. The product, which comes in sizes small to extra-large, can be beamed up from the Star Trek Shop for $26.99.

Data Garden Gnome

Data Gnome

If they who brought you into this world is a major Data fan, then go with this fun garden gnome from Big Mouth that depicts Data cradling Spot. The Data gnome stands nearly eight inches tall and features a base that reads "My neural pathways have become accustomed to your sensory input patterns." The Data Garden Gnome can be purchased at for $26.99.

Discovery Command Training Program Women's T-Shirt

disco shirt

Guarantee that everyone knows that your mom is one of the select members of Starfleet to be part of Command Training Program with this DISCO CTP t-shirt, as worn by Ensign Sylvia Tilly on Star Trek: Discovery. The shirt features the Starfleet CTP logo on both sleeves, with CTP DISCO in gold on the front. Available in sizes small to XXL, it retails for $26.99 in the Star Trek Shop.

For additional Mother's Day gift ideas, head to the Shop.