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This Month in Trek: Props, Pride, Pics, and 'Pose''s monthly roundup of the best mentions, writing, art, and fan contributions to the Star Trek fandom.

June cover

Each month, scours the internet for the best mentions, writing, art, crafting, and all-around creative endeavors from the global Star Trek community. Our picks for June include some great Trek Tattoos, a ridiculously impressive Lego display, our favorite fan creations of the month, and more!

Picard Cake

Hopefully you didn't miss our Picard Day celebrations? If so, start with the video below, and then check out our roundup for the full week right here.

Each and Every Iconic 'Make It So'

We were shocked and honored to get a shout-out on FX's groundbreaking show Pose, and kind of need to know immediately if Blanca (or actress MJ Rodriguez, for that matter) is watching Next Generation in 1990 while she sets up her new salon. The episode was written in part by Brad Falchuck, who also wrote on Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict.

Relatedly, it's Pride Month, which we've been celebratingwithgusto. So have Star Trek fans.

Fan @shark_o_saurus managed to get fans around the world sharing their Trek tattoos when he showed off his own Deep Space Nine themed progress. This level of dedication is impressive!

Speaking of DS9, did you catch this Lego version of Terok Nor on Instagram? Eagle-eyed fans spotted it at Brickworld Chicago this month.

Burton at STLV

Over in Sacramento, CA, LeVar Burton attended the dedication ceremony for the newly renamed LeVar Burton Park-- formerly Richfield Park, and located in the Meadowview neighborhood where the Geordi La Forge actor once lived. Capitol Public Radio had the full report:

Dozens of fans lined up in the new LeVar Burton Park to take a photo and get books autographed by the celebrity.

“If I can do it, so can you,” Burton told Capital Public Radio about leaving Meadowview and finding success. He said it’s very important for children to see themselves represented in popular culture and TV. “Because absent seeing yourself in the popular culture, a child is sent a very dangerous message, that 'you don’t count.'"

This classic Klingon Bird of Prey diorama knocked our middle-school craft-loving socks off.

There was also a new costume from the amazing @soundofcosplay to get excited about:

And finally, we now have all the proof we need: Star Trek truly is our most universal fandom!