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Meet The Gorns: Commander and Sentinel

Meet The Gorns: Commander and Sentinel

Are you ready for your Monday Gorns? Well, ready or not, they’re coming your way. Each Monday for the next several weeks, the developers of STAR TREK The Video Game will preview Gorn characters that will be featured in the game. Today’s Gorns are the Gorn Commander and Gorn Sentinal.

The Commander is the leader of the Gorn “race” that has invaded New Vulcan. The Commander is ruthless; he engages in torture and takes great pleasure from seeing “lower species” suffer, including pitting them against other Gorn – and each other – for his amusement. At almost 10 feet tall, the Commander is the largest and most imposing of the Gorn seen in STAR TREK The Video Game.

The Sentinel is in the same Gorn class as the Gorn Commander. The Sentinel is one of the largest, strongest and most vicious of the Gorn. Their weapon of choice is the Arc Driver, the most powerful handheld weapon that the Gorn use; its primary fire is a bold of energy that disintegrates all organic matter. Sentinels are visually imposing, towering over all other Gorn except the Commander, as they stand upright at slightly more than nine feet high. They are highly intelligent and strategic and, as one of the elite Gorn, the Sentinels are among the masterminds of the plot players will encounter in STAR TREK The Video Game.

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