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McFadden Unveils Krusher Kontest Fundraiser

McFadden Unveils Krusher Kontest Fundraiser

Actress, director and former Star Trek: The Next Generation star Gates McFadden has come up with a creative, inventive and fun way to raise money for a new theatrical work that she'll direct. It's called the "Krusher Does Krusher Fundraiser," and she's inviting fans to participate in a "KRUSHER KONTEST."

Fans can submit a short play, poem or short story -- minimum of 1,000 words, maximum of 2,000 words -- with a sci-fi or historical theme. "Krusher" can appear in any era: past, present or future. She can be Elizabethan Krusher, 24th-century Krusher, a rapping Krusher, and yes, the story can take place on a space ship. The character does not have to appear in the story specificially as the doctor from The Next Generation and, again, writers are free to interpret the character as they see fit for their story, so long as there is a character named Krusher. A committee will select the best 10 entries and McFadden herself, along with special guests, will perform it live like a radio show. In addition to being recognized and having their story read at the event, the winners will receive a signed copy of the souvenir program with all the winning stories, featuring art by graphic artists.

"Yeah, I'll do just about anything to develop new theatrical works," McFadden told "I may even be forced to tap dance that night."

Submissions will be accepted now through September 22nd, with the winners announced soon after, and the live event will take place in Los Angeles, California on November 22nd. Visit for additional details and follow @gates_plays on Twitter for the first chance to score a seat.