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Matt Jefferies' Original Starship Enterprise

Matt Jefferies' Original Starship Enterprise

It’s probably – no... scratch that – definitely the most eagerly awaited ship in the Star Trek The Official Starships Collection: Matt Jefferies' original Starship Enterprise, which we’ve now confirmed as our 50th issue.

Every ship we work on gets a lot of attention, but when it came to the original Enterprise, I knew that we had to go the extra mile. We used Rob Bonchune’s CG model as the basis for the digital sculpt, but when the factory’s version came in, I knew it was too important for me to check over alone. I asked around, and everyone from Mike Okuda to Doug Drexler and Rick Sternbach pointed me to one man: Gary Kerr, who they told me was the expert on the original ship.

Gary was kind enough to go over our version and mark up all the corrections. I’m sharing a selection of them with you here because I wanted to show you how great Gary has been and because I wanted everyone to know that we take our responsibilities very seriously.

I can only imagine what Matt would make of it. I got to know him fairly well back around the turn of the century and I’m sure he would have smiled at the idea that people would be so passionate about his design.

I hope to share more as it becomes available.

As ever,

Ben RobinsonManager of the Star Trek The Official Starships Collection

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