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Love Your Pet Day, Trek-Style

Love Your Pet Day, Trek-Style

No one knows for sure who came up with National Love Your Pet Day -- or when -- but Feb. 20 is National Love Your Pet Day and, dammit, Jim, we're going to celebrate it. Below are some of our favorite Star Trek pets.


Captain Archer loved the Enterprise, his crew and his pet beagle, Porthos. As for the dog, Porthos loved Archer and... cheese.

Jil Orra's Wompat

Gul Madred taught the care and feeding of Wompats to his daughter, Jil Orra in "Chain of Command." Madred also used the opportunity to put across a lesson in family first.


As much as an android could love a feline, Data loved Spot, his cat. Brent Spiner, on the other, didn't exactly bond with the creature.


O'Brien had a tarantula. After nearly stepping on the Lycosa tarantula while on Titus IV, he kept her as a pet. TNG fans saw Christina just once, in "Realm of Fear." We tried to reach Christina for a comment as to why she appeared only that one time, but she's not yet replied.


Are you crying yet? Just the mention of Spock and I-Chaya makes us well up. And a mere peek at the cartoon image of Spock with his beloved, doomed creature makes us bawl like a baby.


No, not that Neelix. Lt. Reginald Barclay had a cat named Neelix, and the cat liked Deanna Troi's ice cream. (Editor's note: we haven't forgotten about Isis, Gary Seven's pet, but we're nearing kitty overkill, so we're just going with Spot and Neelix).


Who's doesn't love a Tribble? Everyone loves a Tribble, til they're trouble.

Again, happy Love Your Pet Day. And now please get off the computer or your device and give your pet a hug.