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Life-sized Spock Figure Ready To Beam Up

Life-sized Spock Figure Ready To Beam Up

If you’ve always wanted Spock by your side, now’s your chance. Muckle Mannequins, via their U.S. distributor, Section 9 Entertainment, has just introduced a life-sized Spock figure that’s made of resin, stands 77 inches tall when assembled and – dare we say, logically -- captures Spock down to the finest detail. German sculptor Marc Klinnert produced the Spock figure for Muckle Mannequins’ long-time, Australia-based supplier, Studio Oxmox. spoke briefly about the Spock figure with Matthias Muckle, manager of Muckle Mannequins, and here’s what he had to say.

What made you choose Spock as the first TOS character to immortalize in mannequin form?

Muckle: I have been a big Spock fan since childhood. Therefore it was not a hard decision that the Spock character would be the first Star Trek figure to produce. Spock was always more important to me than Kirk.

Take us briefly through the process of how the Spock mannequin was designed and then manufactured.

Muckle: After we received the 3D images of the Spock, we started to create the mold for the figure. After that, the prototype was built. Images of the prototype were sent to CBS to await the approval, and finally when we got it we could start the manufacturing of the figures. It was really a special event when we received the first Spock figure, opened the cartons to apply all the individual parts and the finished figure stood here in Mannheim, Germany, in our office. The production is limited to 300 figures. So, each of the figures is something special.

If the Spock figures sell well, will there be more Star Trek figures in the near future? And if there are more, do you know the order of what might come next?

Muckle: We’re already working on Captain Kirk. We hope that’ll be ready in a few months.

The life-size Spock figure is available at the Star Trek Store and is priced at $2,999. Click HERE for details.