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Klingon Intelligence Memo Intercepted

Klingon Intelligence Memo Intercepted

To: Commander Sej, I.K.S. K'vej

From: K'men, Klingon Intelligence

Your recent report on the current situation on Bajor was most illuminating. We are being given an almost unprecedented amount of access to Starfleet's operations there.

To address two of the points in your operational review:

First, do not trouble yourself with disciplining the crew members from the K'vej who were detained by Bajoran militia. They were only following orders. I sent them to Bajor with instructions to cause minor disruptions at check points and social gathering areas.

These brawls hurt no one, but they kept Starfleet and Bajoran security forces busy. This gave you and others loyal to the Empire ample time and opportunity to survey Starfleet's base and learn more about the Federation's strength in this region.

Starfleet is stretched thin. Their commitment to protect Cardassian space has ensnared them in a hopeless fight against the True Way, an enemy so extreme in their beliefs that they will target their own people in terrorist attacks. The instability in Romulan space – combined with Starfleet's incessant need to meddle – has pushed them too deep into hostile territory. And our fleets harass them at every turn.

If they are to survive, Starfleet needs to find decisive resolutions to some of these conflicts. Therefore, they will be willing to do almost anything to resolve this dispute with the Dominion quickly and with a minimum of violence – even trust the Empire.

Secondly, this is not the time to pursue a long-term peace with the Federation. Chancellor J'mpok remains firmly opposed to any treaty, although his conflict with Ja'rod has sapped away some of his political power. Even now, there are whispers of dissent in the streets of Qo'noS.

There is one constant in Klingon politics. Chancellors do not die in their beds.

Despite J'mpok's objections, I do see opportunities to cooperate with Starfleet. This situation with the Dominion is a prime example.

We don't want the Dominion pushing into the Alpha Quadrant any more than they do. By supporting Starfleet in this effort to end the threat, we can achieve our goal while allowing the Federation to take on the greater share of the risk.

If the Dominion is pushed back, we win. And if Starfleet is weakened by a fight with the Dominion? We still win.

My sources tell me that Starfleet is preparing to send an envoy into the Gamma Quadrant to ask for the Dominion's assistance to deal with the rogue fleet occupying Deep Space Nine. There is an excellent chance that a KDF officer from the combined force will be chosen to be this envoy.

To prepare for this, I am sending Vishka to Bajor. She will accompany our officer through the wormhole to be my eyes and ears throughout the operation.

The great Kahless once said that opportunities increase as they are taken. We cannot let this opportunity pass us by. note: The above is a new blog, in fictional letter form, to build awareness of and excitement about this week’s Star Trek Online feature episode, “Operation Gamma.” In the episode, the crew sets out to find a friend in the Gamma Quadrant who can lead them to the Dominion. “Operation Gamma” is the third episode in the series and it features space combat that requires you to pilot a shuttlecraft or a fighter. Fans can play the game starting tomorrow, Saturday, February 25, at 10 a.m. PST. Click HEREto visit Star Trek Online and keep an eye on for upcoming Star Trek Online guest blog features.