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Klingon Couple Weds At Destination Star Trek London

Klingon Couple Weds At Destination Star Trek London

Destination Star Trek London proved to be a memorable experience for 30,000-plus fans, but it was the experience of a lifetime for Sonnie Gustavsson and Jossie Sockertopp. The couple, who hail from Sweden, got hitched on Friday and they did so Klingon style: dressed in full Klingon regalia and in DSTL’s Klingon Zone. Gustavsson, 29, and Sockertopp, 23, first met four years ago at a retirement home where both are employed. When contemplating wedding options, they chose as their inspiration the Worf-Jadzia Dax nuptials seen on DS9, in the episode "You Are Cordially Invited..." The wedding is believed to be the first of its kind ever in England.

“We saw the clip from the series, and we thought it was very romantic about beating hearts and a battle for each other,” Sockertopp told the Reuters news agency. “We really liked it. That’s why we wanted to do this.” Gustavsson, Reuters reported, was a life-long Trek fan who turned Sockertopp on to the franchise, though it took a bit of convincing by him to marry the Klingon way. “The ceremony was his idea,” she said. “I thought about it a lot and then I said, ‘Let’s do it’. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing.”

The couple entered the Klingon Zone to the sound of three bangs of a gong and Peter Wyllie, conducted the ceremony, doing what he could to utter several complicated Klingon phrases. Suffice it to say that Gustavsson and Sockertopp swore, among other things, “to unite against all of their opponents.” A day before, back in Sweden, the couple wed in a legally recognized union. “This,” Sockertopp said, “is just a fun ceremony.”

The happy couple spent their honeymoon – where else? – at Destination Star Trek London.