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Juan Ortiz Previews TOS Art Prints For October

Juan Ortiz Previews TOS Art Prints For October

Juan Ortiz is back with his latest batch of Star Trek: The Original Series Art Prints, which will be available not just as prints, but also in the coming days and weeks as tee-shirts, shot glasses and more. conducted our monthly chat with Ortiz, who discussed crafting the new quartet, which includes “The Squire of Gothos,” “Mudd’s Women,” “Obsession” and “The Cloud Minders.”

Here’s what he had to say:

Which TOS Art Print from last month generated the most response and what was your sense as to why it generated that response?

ORTIZ: I would say it was "The Gamesters of Triskelion." Most people grew up with comic books in their lives and this one really brought that pop-art look to the forefront.

What did you make of the fan reaction to the Animated Series Art Print designs that we revealed on

ORTIZ: Fortunately, I've only read good responses for them. This time around I went with a straight design approach. They were meant to be bold and less thought-provoking and I was able to single out more iconic Trek images that I didn't acknowledge in the TOS prints. Images like the Vulcan hand sign, the transporter, the captain's badge and also dilithium crystals. I think they are perfect for any rooms or offices needing splash of color.

Let's get to this month's prints. What was the hook for "The Squire of Gothos"?

ORTIZ: The noose was the hook. I was able to build upon that one image. There is some Russian poster influence in this one also.

You don't often use photos of actors in your pieces and even more rarely do you use photos of guest stars. What compelled you to use the shot of William Campbell?

ORTIZ: I didn't want the noose to be too central. To me the poster was still about the trial and this photo of the actor was too perfect. But what sets this one apart from most is the written copy along the side.

The "Mudd's Women" print is very fun and sexy. Where did the idea for this one come from?

ORTIZ: I thought of the old movie musicals/comedies. Back in the days before video, cable and DVDs, any old movie on TV would do. Sometimes there would be a whole week of musicals. This episode is in no way lighthearted, but the idea for the design was tough to resist.

Why the Desilu logo on this one?

ORTIZ: There are two or three posters where I used the Desilu logo. This was actually the first time that I used it. I felt it was necessary for me to acknowledge Lucille Ball at some point. Against her executives' advice, she gambled to put Star Trek on the air, along with Mission: Impossible at the time. Unfortunately, her advisors were right and Desilu was sold to Paramount even before Trek was cancelled. But thanks to her gamble, the potential she saw in Star Trek continues.

Up next is "Obsession," has A Trip to the Moon feel to it. Take us through your choices on this one?

It is a tribute to Georges Méliès' A Trip to the Moon. The iconic image of the rocket hitting the moon in the eye from that film is, of course, replaced with Kirk and the Enterprise.

The last one for October is "The Cloud Minders." What went into the elements you selected for this piece?

ORTIZ: This was meant to be a page out of a storybook. My initial thought was to go with an image of Droxine, representing a sort of princess. I felt, however, that the image of the floating city had more of a magical and mysterious tone to it.

Of these four, which was the hardest to get right and the easiest -- and in what ways/why?

ORTIZ: The easiest was "Obsession." The idea was already there and piecing it together was fun. I wouldn't say that "The Cloud Minders" was difficult, but just a bit time-consuming with picking colors.

Last question. Which one would you most want on your wall... and why?

ORTIZ: I would pick "Obsession." All posters are meant to be viewed from a distance, but this one in particular needs to be.

The Shop is offering the four prints as a set of plated-printed lithographs on 100-pound, aqueous-coated, satin-finish paper. Each print measures 18x24 inches and the set of four is $34.95.  US and Canada fans can purchase the sets below.

Pyramid will have the images available in the UK on Wood for £39.99 (43x59cm) and £49.99 (45x76cm), Canvas for £59.99 (60x80cm) and as Framed Art Prints at £49.99 (60x80cm).  UK fans will be able to purchase the items at, and

The next four images will be revealed in early November here on