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Jaylah, Romulans, Green Lantern Corps & More in IDW's April Adventures

Jaylah, Romulans, Green Lantern Corps & More in IDW's April Adventures

We just shoveled some snow off the walk, but IDW Publishing is thinking warm thoughts, as they've just released their slate of Star Trek comic books for April. is pleased to share details of what's to come...

Writer Mike Johnson and new artist Megan Levens, along with cover artist George Caltsoudas, are the team behind Star Trek: Boldly Go #7, which will kick off the "Murder at Babel" three-parter. As the Federation and Romulans convene in the wake of the Borg attack, the precarious peace is threatened by the murder of a key diplomat... and a Starfleet cadet is the prime suspect. The all-new adventure guest stars Jaylah from Star Trek Beyond and the cast from the hit Starfleet Academy comic-book series.

Star Trek: Boldly Go #7 will run 32 pages and cost $3.99. Fans should be on the lookout for a Subscription Variant featuring a cover by Gerry Brown. Another variant cover will be by Cryssy Cheung!

Next up is Star Trek/Green Lantern Vol 2 #5 (of 6), written by Mike Johnson, with Angel Hernandez providing the art and cover. The blockbuster event of 2017 will continue here as the fight for the future of the Green Lantern Corps erupts. Can Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise stop Sinestro from conquering the planet Oa for himself? Or is it too late to stop the green light of Hal Jordan's ring from fading forever?

Star Trek/Green Lantern Vol 2 #5 (of 6) will run 32 pages and cost $3.99. Hugo Petrus will provide the cover of the Subscription Variant, while another variant cover, by Chris Mooneyham, will also be available.

And the latest Trek title from writer and photo-manipulator John Byrne will be.... Star Trek: New Visions: The Traveler. In it, a mysterious Traveler is pursued by a ruthless robotic horde. Or is he? Jim Kirk must answer that question before his ship and crew are lost. The Traveler will run 48 pages and $7.99.

For additional details, contact your local comic book retailer or visit to find a store near you. Keep an eye on for additional details about the IDW's upcoming Star Trek adventures, as well as exclusive First Looks at covers and preview pages.