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Isaacs Wows at STLV

Isaacs Wows at STLV

The stars were out at Star Trek Las Vegas on Thursday, day two of the mega-event, as Jason Isaacs made his Trek convention debut, much of the Voyager and Enterprise casts reunited, and Marina Sirtis and Mary Chieffo teamed up for a powerful Women of Trek panel. checked it all, and we’re pleased to share just a few of the exciting highlights.

Voyager Panel

Though, as always, Ethan Phillips had his old co-stars and the audience cracking up, the Voyager panel – which included Phillips, Robert Beltran, Tim Russ, Garrett Wang and Jeri Ryan, with Chase Masterson moderating – was a more serious affair than usual. The conversation covered love, acceptance, tolerance and, yes, politics.

“We really had everybody on the show,” Wang said. “We had a nice mixture of ethnicities.”

Russ concurred, saying “And a female captain.”

“We have to learn to embrace each other,” Ryan said, “and not be afraid of people who are different.”

Beltran has never been shy about his frustrations over the lack of character development for Chakotay. Asked what he took away from the experience, he replied, “You had to learn to modify any angst or you had. It taught me to be more patient, even though I wasn’t always. And how to negotiate with your fellow human beings.”

Jason Isaacs

Jason Isaacs exploded onto the stage for his panel and never for a second did his energy flag. He was funny, profane, blunt and entertaining as could be, even opening fortune cookies and reading (or making up) their fortunes.

“I understand Lorca,” he explained. “I try never to take a part that’s a villain – in quotes, with a capital V. They’re always people who think they’re doing the right thing. And the worst people in history thought they were doing the right thing. If I can justify what the character is doing, then I think I can play it in a way that we recognize. We all think we’re doing the right thing, every single day.”

“There are no pockets in space,” he observed of Discovery’s tight uniforms. “What am I supposed to do with my hands?!”

“I think, in the Mirror Universe, frankly, Lorca’s approach is perfectly valid,” the actor said. “And I’m terrified that we’re drifting towards the Mirror Universe in the world. And that’s why I support these cautionary tales on the screen.”

Inside Trek: Discovery Storytelling

The minds behind some of Trek’s most-popular comic books, novels and video games shared a stage to discuss how they’ve developed Discovery-based content. On hand were Mike Johnson of IDW Publishing, Al Rivera of Star Trek Online,  Ed Schlesinger of Simon & Schuster and Erin Prince of Star Trek: Timelines, with John Van Citters of CBS Consumer Products serving as moderator.

“They all take place prior to the Battle of the Binary Stars,” Schlesinger noted of Simon & Schuster’s Discovery novels. “They are an extension of the characters.”

Prince elicited a knowing chuckle from the crowd with this comment about Timelines: “When in doubt, we blame Q, actually.”

"With Discovery, it's like laying down the tracks as the train is coming, but it's exciting to us," Al Rivera of Star Trek Online commented.

Mike Johnson of IDW Publishing told the audience that he really enjoyed collaborating with everybody, particularly author Kirsten Beyer.

Ferengi Family

Rom, Nog and Leeta – or Max Grodenchik, Aron Eisenberg and Chase Masterson in costume and makeup -- reunited, which thrilled the crowd on the main stage. And their natural rapport remains as strong as ever, years after DS9 faded to black.

Masterson’s favorite DS9 moment was an easy one: “I loved when Leeta wanted to stay with Rom,” she shared. “To be so in love and see so clearly the beauty in Rom. To see how you became the man that you are… that was worth everything to me. You were going to be my man forever.”

“Rom’s heart is open,” Grodenchik noted. “And I hope some of that openness comes from me.”

“We were so fortunate to have what we had,” an emotional Eisenberg said. “And so blessed.”

Women of Trek

The female characters of Star Trek – and the women who played them – have inspired countless young ladies over the past 52 years. Three of those young ladies -- (Amy Imhoff, Shoes & Starships), Sue Kisenwether (Women at Warp podcast) and Sarah Guide (Nerd Camp) – joined formidable Trek stars Marina Sirtis and Mary Chieffo for an illuminating, thoughtful, empowering conversation about women in Trek.

Sirtis discussed what it was like growing up in a strict Greek household, her mom attempting to set up an arranged marriage and how she quickly made it known that it was not happening.

Chieffo stated that, "There were no boundaries to what I was capable of. They were always encouraging,” referring to how her parents helped mold her into the woman she is today.

Of course, there was tons more to see, hear and experience, and StarTrek.comdocumented it with some of our favorite photos of the day...


May they live long and prosper...

In a moment they'll never forget, David Wendelburg and Teresa Pitts got engaged at STLV 2018.

Then, fans summoned their inner Shatner and let ‘er rip during this fun-filled, high-decibel challenge.

And the winner was… Doug Glen.

Fun with Kirk and Spock

The very funny Robb Pearlman, author of the several lighthearted Trek books, guided the crowd on the CBS All Access stage in creating their very own Fun with Kirk and Spock tale.

Starfleet Academy Spelling Bee

Jordan Hoffman led the proceedings as fan after fan stepped up to the mic to spell Trek words of increasing difficulty.

Our favorite was Gilligan – yes, that Gilligan – spelling Bat’leth.

Cosplayers Back in Action

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