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Into Darkness & Stardate Collection Blu-rays Available NOW

Into Darkness & Stardate Collection Blu-rays Available NOW

Shall we begin? Today is the day that Star Trek Into Darkness arrives on Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D, DVD and On Demand. And, it’s also the day that the Star Trek: Stardate Collection is available on Blu-ray. The Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-ray/DVD combo pack, which also includes the Digital edition, boasts numerous extras, including “Creating the Red Planet,” a peek into the creation of the world glimpsed in the film’s opening sequence; “The Enemy of My Enemy,” which examines the how and why of choosing Khan as the villain and the decision to keep his identity under wraps; “The Klingon Home World,” a featurette about Kronos and the new-look Klingons; “Attack on Starfleet,” with the cast and filmmakers discussing the pivotal sequence; “Ship to Ship,” a piece about the space jump scene; and “Brawl by the Bay,” with Zachary Quinto and Benedict Cumberbatch discussing the intense Spock-Khan scuffle.

The Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-ray 3D/Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack includes all of the above, plus the film in hi-def and 3D (on a disc presented in 1080p high-definition), while the Single-Disc DVD presents the film in widescreen enhanced for 16:9. The Blu-ray 3D/Blu-ray/DVD/On Demand Combo will cost $49.99, with the Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack priced at $39.99 and the Single-Disc DVD at $29.99.

Meanwhile, Star Trek: Stardate Collection is a 12-disc set that includes not only the first 10 Star Trek films, from The Motion Picture to Nemesis, but an additional 25 hours of bonus content. The value-added material includes commentaries (Michael and Denise Okuda, Nicholas Meyer, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, Jonathan Frakes, Rick Berman and more), behind-the-scenes featurettes, interviews (with, among others William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, and Ronald D. Moore), storyboards, tributes, deleted scenes, trailers, etc. There’s also an Evolutions bonus disc with such featurettes as The Evolution of the Enterprise, Villains of Star Trek, I Love the Star Trek Movies, Farewell to Star Trek: The Experience, Klingon Encounter, Charting the Final Frontier and Borg Invasion 4D.

Star Trek: Stardate Collection will cost $124.99 on It will also be available on DVD (with the 10 films and 8 hours of bonus content) for $89.99.

Click HERE to order the Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-ray and HERE to order Star Trek: Stardate Collection.