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Hero Collector Star Trek – U.S.S. Zimmerman

Don't miss out on the newest ship of the line!


In "Brother," the premiere episode of Star Trek: Discovery’s second season, the famous U.S.S. Enterprise found itself towed to safety by two Federation tug ships of a previously-unseen design.

Star Trek: Discovery

Simple and robust, the Helios-class tug was little more than a massive engine paired with powerful thrusters and a set of traction beams. These were all the tools the U.S.S. Zimmerman – and other ships of its class – needed to ferry Starfleet's disabled vessels around the galaxy, even at warp speeds. Now this elusive vessel is ready to join Hero Collector’s Star Trek: Discovery – The Official Starships Collection!

A Star Trek: Discovery Timelapse

Six inches long on its flight stand, this die-cast model (though not a kitbash itself) captures the U.S.S. Zimmerman with hand-painted detail. In the magazine preview below, designer William Budge explains the impetus behind the creation of the Helios-class:

Star Trek: Discovery

The interview continues in the accompanying magazine for the U.S.S. Zimmerman model, which also includes design concepts, technical trivia and a parts breakdown for this kitbashed marvel.

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