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Hero Collector Star Trek - June 2020

Previewing the upcoming starship models and comic collections

Star Trek Hero Collection

Hero Collector – designers, manufacturers, and publishers of high-quality collectibles from across the worlds of pop culture – reveals its upcoming Star Trek releases for June 2020! First up is a giant-size model of the formidable U.S.S. Enterprise-D Dreadnought seen in "All Good Things"! This battle-ready refit inspired the design for the next ship in Star Trek Online: The Official Starships Collection – the Federation’s advanced Andromeda-class cruiser, which is joined by the heavyweight and modular Klingon Bortasqu’.

Things You Need to Know About Star Trek: The Next Generation

Star Trek Discovery: The Official Starships Collection adds the sinister Ba’ul Fighter hijacked by Saru’s sister to its ranks, while two massive and deadly vessels join Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection – the colossal Husnock Warship born from the psychic imagination of a lone survivor, and the vicious ship used by Vidiian organ-pirates to assault the unfortunate U.S.S. Voyager! Plus, readers can grab the next volumes in DC’s classic graphic novels set in The Original Series and The Next Generation, as well as the second volume of IDW’s tales of the Kelvin timeline.


This figurine collection includes ships from every Star Trek TV series and movie, recreated with exacting detail and accompanied by a profile magazine.

#178 – Husnock Warship ("The Survivors"); $24.99/£14.99/€18.99

Star Trek

A vast starship with five times the mass of the U.S.S. Enterprise-D, this intimidating vessel was an illusory construct created by a powerful energy being, patterned after the Husnock warship that destroyed his home.

#179 – Vidiian Ship ("Deadlock"); $24.99/£14.99/€18.99

Star Trek

A massive starship armed with hyper-thermic charges and grapplers to capture and breach other vessels, the Vidiians used this ship to harvest organs from other races in an effort to slow the effects of a fatal genetic disease.

XL #20 – USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D Dreadnought ("All Good Things"); $75.00/£49.99/€64.99

Star Trek: The Next Generation

This giant-size starship model recreates the refitted U.S.S. Enterprise-D, as seen in the distant alternate future shown to Picard by Q in the beloved The Next Generation finale "All Good Things".


This incredible series of die-cast models features ships based directly on the original VFX models of Star Trek: Discovery, ensuring extraordinary detail and accuracy. Each is accompanied by a spotlight magazine.

#29 – Ba’ul Fighter; $54.95/£34.99/€44.99

Star Trek: Discovery

A small, warp-capable attack fighter built by the Ba'ul (and later flown by Siranna, Commander Saru’s sister), this sharp-angled vessel was flown by a single pilot and mounted directed energy weaponry.


Collect the original ships created for Star Trek Online, the massively multiplayer video game based on Star Trek! Each ship is reproduced with incredible detail and accompanied by an in-depth profile magazine.

#3 – Andromeda-Class Federation Exploration Cruiser; $29.95/£19.99/€24.99

Star Trek Online

A highly advanced cruiser available to Starfleet players in Star Trek Online, the Andromeda-class is a heavily modified version of the Galaxy-class Exploration Cruiser – a category of ship that included the U.S.S. Enterprise-D.

#4 – Bortasqu’-Class Klingon Flagship; $29.95/£19.99/€24.99

Star Trek Online

A heavyweight battleship available to Klingon Defense Force players in Star Trek Online, the Bortasqu' has three variants, each equipped with different advanced systems – its name translates to "duty of revenge”.


Celebrate over 50 years of Star Trek comics with Hero Collector, in a series of hardback collections of the best Starfleet comic and manga stories from publishers such as DC, Marvel, IDW, Malibu, Wildstorm, and TokyoPop!

#90 – Star Trek: Idol Threats; $19.95/£10.99/€15.99

Star Trek: Idol Threats

This volume collects #47-51 of DC's classic Star Trek: The Original Series comics – wedding bells ring aboard the USS Enterprise, as Starfleet officer Nancy Bryce and Klingon defector Konom tie the knot after 50 amazing issues! Written by Michael Carlin and Peter David, with art by Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagrán, and Michele Wolfman.

#91 – Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Worst of Both Worlds; $19.95/£10.99/€15.99

Star Trek: The Next Generation

In this multi-part epic, the USS Enterprise crew discovers a reality in which the Borg have conquered mankind! Collects Star Trek: The Next Generation #47-51 from DC Comics, written by Michael Jan Friedman with art by Peter Krause and Pablo Marcos.

#92 – Star Trek: Boldly Go (Part 2); $19.95/£10.99/€15.99

Star Trek: Boldy Go

As the Kelvin universe recovers from a Borg incursion, Garth of Izar sets out to show the galaxy whom gods destroy. Collects #7-12 of IDW’s Star Trek: Boldly Go, featuring the three-part “Murder to Babel,” as well as a standalone tale and a two-chapter re-imagining of a classic episode. Written by Mike Johnson and Ryan Parrott, with art by Tony Shasteen and Megan Levens.