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Harsh Reviews of The Original Series from 1966? Believe It.

Harsh Reviews of The Original Series from 1966? Believe It.

Star Trek: The Original Series will turn 50 tomorrow. It's a remarkable achievement and a testament to the staying power of Gene Roddenberry's "Wagon Train to the Stars." But don't for a minute think that everyone, everywhere, embraced Star Trek from the get-go. More than a few critics did not care for the series when they reviewed the first episode, "The Man Trap." In fact, they trashed the show., with the help of Maria Jose and John Tenuto, our friends and bloggers, tracked down some old newspaper clips. Below are a few excerpts -- and be sure to search the actual articles to see just how far from a sensation Star Trek was back in 1966.

Star Trek is, frankly, weird. But the costumes and visual effects are right out of the old Frankenstein movies. It's a shocker baby -- if you're easily shocked.

Star Trek, a science fiction opus centering around a mammoth spaceship, is so absurd it is almost entertaining, what with a Playboy bunny-type waitress.

Watchers with some idea of how good science fiction drama can be will just have to wait, it appears, until TV science fiction, too, comes of age.