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Happy Gorn Day, Y'all

Happy Gorn Day, Y'all

Happy Gorn Day, everyone. Once again, it’s time for the developers of STAR TREK The Video Game to preview Gorn characters that will be featured in the upcoming game. Today, please make the acquaintance of the Gorn Initiate.

Gorn Initiate

Initiates are the “ground troops” for the Gorn. They are the front lines of the Gorn Army, and each troop is commanded by a Gorn lieutenant (seen wearing armor on the left side of the image). In the hierarchy of the Gorn, the Initiates are in the lower class and follow orders of their superiors – they are the fighters. Their weapon of choice is the Ravager, which is an automatic ballistic rifle. Initiates always move in squads, and their total mindset on fighting makes them highly dangerous. Initiates can run on all four legs, but in this fighting position they stand roughly four feet tall. At full height they would be more than six feet.

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