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Happy Gorn Day -- Meet the Scout & Henchman

Happy Gorn Day -- Meet the Scout & Henchman

Wow, the holidays really just keep coming. Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day and today it’s Gorn Day again. So, courtesy of our friends, the developers of the upcoming STAR TREK The Video Game, please make the acquaintance of the Gorn Scout and Henchman:SCOUT

Scouts are the long-range specialists, their sniper rifles doing massive damage when a round connects with its target. Scouts do not take cover, but have two unique abilities key to their success as the silent killers of the Gorn army: Scouts can walk on walls and have the ability to camouflage so they blend in with their background.


The Henchman is one of the main antagonists in the game.  He is 1st seen on New Vulcan and is the Gorn who steals the Helios device.  Second in command of this particular Gorn Armada, the Henchman controls squadrons of initiates and warriors and take orders directly from the Commander.  The Henchman’s weapon of choice is the Pillager, but his real danger is his ability to cloak.

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