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Hallmark Previews 2015 Star Trek Keepsake Ornaments at Comic-Con

Hallmark Previews 2015 Star Trek Keepsake Ornaments at Comic-Con

Hallmark boldly marked its seventh year at the Comic-Con International in San Diego today, July 23rd, by previewing their 2015 Star Trek Keepsake Ornaments. Attendees glimpsed -- and throughout the weekend will be able to see - early renderings for 2015 ornaments, including:

Lieutenant Nyota Uhura -- In her red uniform from Star Trek: The Original Series, the communications officer is planned as the sixth ornament in the Star Trek Legends series.

The Needs of the Many -- Captain James T. Kirk bids farewell to a dying Mr. Spock in an ornament that also features music and sound from this memorable scene fromStar Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-C -- The newest addition to Keepsake Ornament’s Ships of the Line celebrates the 25th anniversary of the beloved “Yesterday’s Enterprise” episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation and will feature battery-powered light.

The same event exclusives will be available to attendees at New York Comic Con, Oct. 9-12, 2014. Renditions of these Keepsake Ornaments displayed at these conventions represent work in progress and may differ from the final ornaments as released.

“We’re very happy to be returning to Comic-Con this year to trade stories and share memories with our passionate fans,” said Beth Dorr, associate merchandise manager for Keepsake Ornaments. “We look forward to giving sneak peeks at our new Hallmark products in a creatively designed exhibit space. We’ll also have all the fun reasons for stopping by our space that Comic-Con-goers have come to expect from us.”

Visitors to Hallmark’s booth -- Booth 2913-H in the Exhibit Hall -- will be able to meet and receive free autographs from Keepsake Ornament Artist Jake Angell. A series of free collectible buttons featuring Keepsake Ornaments will be available for fans to pick up, with a limited quantity of one design given away each day of the event.

Go online at to see their Star Trek designs, as well as the complete line of Keepsake Ornaments for 2014. And keep an eye on for additional news and previews of Hallmark's Star Trek Keepsake Ornaments.