Hallmark Introduces New Star Trek Ornaments

Hallmark Introduces New Star Trek Ornaments

Christmas has arrived early for Star Trek fans. Hallmark, on July 10 and 11, revealed the latest in its long line of popular holiday ornaments.

The “Amok Time” keepsake captures the famous scene in which Captain Kirk and Spock, each clutching a Vulcan weapon, battle to the death. The battery-operated collectible is complemented by the familiar music cues that accompanied that original-series scene.

Next, there’s the “Captain James T. Kirk” ornament, the first in Hallmark’s Star Trek Legends series. It’s a 4 ¼” piece that depicts Kirk in a yellow tunic, brandishing a phaser.

Finally, there’s the “U.S.S. Enterprise,” a 6”-wide, battery-powered replica of Star Trek’s beloved starship, with flashing blue lights.

For more information, visit www.Hallmark.com.