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Guest Blog: Unidentified Object in Scan Sola-Alpha-Six

Guest Blog: Unidentified Object in Scan Sola-Alpha-Six

From: Captain Vaughn Alexander, Starfleet Communications Research CenterTo: Admiral Jorel Quinn

Picked up something I think we might want to take a closer look at, sir.

We’ve been directing the MIDAS array at an area on the edge of the Delta Quadrant. There’s a Class B pulsar in that region that we’re using to extend the array’s reach. The U.S.S. Callisto has three years left in its mission in the Delta Quadrant, and since it is more than 30,000 light years away from home we can’t use a quantum singularity to strengthen the subspace link. Bouncing the signal off the pulsar allows us to send a datastream to the Callisto every four days instead of waiting more than a month like we had to do in the old Project Pathfinder days.

When we were looking for the right Class B pulsar, though, we found something unusual. There’s a region a full astronomical unit in size that our sensors can’t map. It’s almost like a blank space, for lack of a better term, or a hole in the stars. But there’s definitely something there.

The Romulan Republic has a long-range sensor grid in on the edge of Tau Dewa, and it’s in a better position to get a look at the area. But what they’re getting doesn’t make much sense, either. There’s high metallic content, including massive amounts of boronite. Since that mineral isn’t normally found in asteroids, I don’t think it’s a normally occurring phenomenon. We’re also picking up sarium, carbon-60, kelbonite and even some alloys.

The presence of the alloys would make me say that it’s an artificial construction, and there’s enough kelbonite to block long-range scans. But it’s too big for the simple explanations. It’s bigger than any planet I’ve ever seen. It’s bigger than some star systems!

Barclay says it’s a Dyson sphere, and he might be right. Can we get someone from the SCE team at the Jenolan Dyson Sphere to take a look at these readings? I’d like an expert opinion, and the engineers there have been studying their Dyson sphere for forty years, ever since the Enterprise-D found it and Captain Scott.

If it’s another Dyson sphere, then I recommend we reroute the Callisto there as soon as possible. The data Callisto is sending back from the Delta Quadrant is interesting, but it’s nothing that we aren’t familiar with from Voyager’s initial journeys in that region. This is something entirely different.

I thought the Jenolan sphere was an once-in-a-lifetime find. Maybe I was wrong.