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Gotta Love Trek Quote Tee For Valentine's Day

Gotta Love Trek Quote Tee For Valentine's Day

Searching for just the right Star Trek-themed Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other, a friend or yourself? Well, for the ladies out there, Her Universe has introduced a new, fun and witty Star Trek Quote Tee that puts a Trek spin on the “You are the __________ to my _________” sensation. checked in with Ashley Eckstein of Her Universe, who took us through the creation of the shirt.

Her Universe has the Valentine's Day Quote Shirts for Star Trek, Star Wars and Doctor Who. Of course, we're most interested in Trek, but start at the beginning: how did the idea/concept for the quote shirts come together?

Eckstein: Well, I travel a lot and I find myself looking in the SkyMall magazine on the airplane quite often. They sell this poster in the magazine that I love. It says, "You Are The Macaroni To My Cheese / You Are The Peanut Butter To My Jelly..." After looking at the poster for the 10th time, I realized that we needed geeky versions of the same concept using our favorite franchises. We're not a poster company, but I thought they would make great t-shirts, especially to give as a gift to someone you care about or to yourself for Valentine's Day.

You had help from fellow Star Trek fan Dan Madsen, who works with you at Her Universe. What did he contribute?

Eckstein: I have to admit that I have not yet seen every episode and movie of Star Trek ever made, but Dan has, so I enlisted his help. Very quickly he came back to me with so many great options. I had too many to choose from. We had fun collaborating on this shirt.

So, who came up with the 10 Trek quotes, and who chose which 10 made it onto the shirt?

Eckstein: Dan and I combined our lists and I had the unfortunate task to choose which 10 made the shirt. We didn't have as much room as I would like, so it was tough.

What almost made the shirt?

Eckstein: Here was our original list. We had some great quotes that didn't make the cut:

You are the Guardian to my ForeverYou are the Great Bird to my GalaxyYou are the Logic to my VulcanYou are the Dilithium to my Warp DriveYou are the Bridge to my EnterpriseYou are the 7 to my 9You are the Prime Directive to my StarfleetYou are the “Energize” to my “Make It So”You are the heat to my Earl Grey.You are the stun to my phaser.You are the purr in my Tribble.You are the Class M planet in my star system.You are the warp coil in my nacelle.You are the impulse to my drive.You are the energize to my transporterYou are the fantasy to my holodeckYou are the Plak tow to my Pon farr.You are the captain to my starshipYou are the Resistance is Futile to my Borg

So... should women be buying these for themselves or are you hoping guys will hear about and buy them for their ladies? Or both?

Eckstein: Both. I tried to make these as gender neutral as I could. Obviously, on our Star Wars shirt, "You Are The Scoundrel To My Princess" is pretty gender-specific, but it was also so classic. However, I wanted people to feel comfortable giving this to someone they love of the opposite sex, same sex or a best friend. I also hoped people would say "Hey this is just a cool shirt, I'm going to be my own Valentine and buy it for myself."

The Trek products from Her Universe are now pretty familiar to fans. What kind of feedback are you getting? What products are female Trek fans most enjoying? What are they telling you they want to see down the road?

Eckstein: We learned so much last year from the fans. With our first collection, we kind of took a shot in the dark and tried to guess at what everyone wanted. I am excited to say that I feel we will improve our new designs significantly because we are making new shirts that have a more flattering cut for the female figure, we will be offering more fashion pieces inspired by the costumes and we are also designing with the amazing art from Juan Ortiz and his Original Series art prints. I must say that our Spock hoodie has been quite popular, even with the guys! I can't tell you how many guys have written me and asked if it would be weird if they bought our Her Universe hoodie for themselves. I want to tell all the guys out there that many men have bought our Spock hoodie and it's OK. Girls have been buying stuff in the men's section for so long, so it's not weird at all.

Click HERE to purchase the Star Trek Quote Tee.