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Google Wants A Star Trek Computer

Google Wants A Star Trek Computer

Google could, very soon, have a distinct Star Trek feel. How so? According to The Marlborough Express newspaper in New Zealand, “Craig Nevill-Manning, who helped build and improve the omniscient search engine for 11 years, is forming a team that will usher in the next-generation internet search engine… that will deliver a personalized answer gleaned from information stored all over the internet.” Sure sounds like the good ol’ talking/interactive computer seen on The Original Series and subsequent Trek series.

"What I really aim to build,” Nevill-Manning confirmed to the Express, “is a Star Trek computer."

If it all comes together as planned, users won’t need to be on a starship to benefit from the practical applications. The next-generation Google system would be accessible from personal computers as well as mobile devices such as Google's Android smartphones and tablet computers.

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