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Get the Newest U.S.S. Enterprise From Hero Collector!

Go back to the beginnings of Star Trek with this ship from "The Cage."


"The Cage" was the original, 1965 pilot episode for Star Trek, and featured a very different cast to the show we all know and love. Captain Christopher Pike (Jeffrey Hunter) commanded the U.S.S. Enterprise alongside his intellectual second-in-command Number One (Majel Barrett, who would go on to play Nurse Christine Chapel and Lwaxana Troi), and chief medical officer Philip Boyce (John Hoyt).

It wasn’t just the U.S.S. Enterprise’s crew that underwent changes after that first pilot – the design of the ship itself was modified at Gene Roddenberry’s direction. Now fans can collect their own model of that original vessel, as a bonus entry in Hero Collector’s Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection!

Star Trek: The Original Series

This hand-painted, die-cast model carefully recreates the original 11-foot model of the U.S.S. Enterprise, used in the very first Star Trek pilot. In the magazine preview below, Hero Collector takes a look at how the iconic vessel evolved into its final state:

Star Trek: The Original Series

The full magazine accompanies the U.S.S. Enterprise ("The Cage") model, and also includes design sketches and an in-depth interview with Star Trek production designer Matt Jeffries, who describes how they went about making the Enterprise feel like a real, practical space.