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Get Ready for Star Trek: Ascendancy

Get Ready for Star Trek: Ascendancy

Gale Force Nine has announced the summer release of Star Trek: Ascendancy

, a strategy board game of exploration, expansion and conflict between the United Federation of Planets, the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Star Empire.Star Trek: Ascendancy allows the player to control the great civilizations of the galaxy, striking out from your home worlds to expand your influence and grow your civilization. Will you journey for peace and exploration or will your travel the path of conquest and exploitation? You can command starships, establish space lanes, construct starbases and bring other systems under your banner. And with more than 200 plastic miniatures and 30 space systems representing some of the Sta


200 plastic miniatures and 30 space systems representing some of the Star Trek galaxy's most notable planets and locations, Star Trek: Ascendancy puts the fate of the galaxy in your hands.Each civilization begins their trek towards ascendancy from their own homeworld. When a civilization establishes a new space lane, a new system is drawn at random from the stack of system discs, ensuring that no two games of Star Trek: Ascendancy will ever be the same. Once the new system has been charted, ships initially entering the planetary system resolve an exploration card. As players explore the emerging galaxy they will encounter new life forms and new civilizations, deadly hazards, wondrous discoveries and challenging obstacles, all drawn from the vast 50-year history of Star Trek.Visit Gale Force Nine at for additional in-depth information about Star Trek: Ascendancy. And keep your sensors locked on for more insights and previews, coming soon.