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Get the Next Generation of Trexels for Free

Get the Next Generation of Trexels for Free

Star TrekTrexels is bigger, better and more colorful than ever thanks to a V.1.5 Update that enhances the iOS-exclusive game in a galaxy of ways. Available now -- for free -- fans can chart the Trexelian Expanse like never before.

Among the highlights:

-- All-new content from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Officers, missions, guest stars and the iconic ship hull are all ready to be unlocked. So now Star Trek Trexels combines elements of both The Original Series and The Next Generation, allowing fans to build their own ships, beam down to investigate, team up with beloved characters and tackle challenges and new adventures at every turn.

-- Strategically target enemies and heal allies in the completely redesigned tactical combat scenarios.

-- Quark has found his way into the Trexelian Expanse. Once you reach Level 5, visit Quark's Trexelian Video Emporium for a refresh on the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition and strike a "profitable" deal.

-- The Holodeck unlocks in multiple ways, and now allows you to replay entire missions and relive stories from beginning to end.

-- Use the ship's all-new Gallery to share images of your ship's construction with friends, and to collect exclusive images based on iconic scenes from the series.

-- Enlist friends to form your own Fleet, and bolster your strength to increase your daily rewards.

-- And because no Federation starship would be complete without it... doors between rooms now "swoosh."

Other exciting elements include narration by George Takei, familiar Trek music scores and sound design, retro PIXEL art style and brand-new, action-packed stories that are dramatic, funny and/or true to the themes and ideal of Star Trek. In fact there are now 250-plus adventures -- among them red alerts, episodes, officer stories and away missions.

Players can take on the Borg, the Klingons, etc., and can select their Enterprise of choice, as well as their uniforms of choice. Additionally, you can pick from 44 rooms to build and upgrade, and 6 sectors (with 42 different planetary systems) to explore.

The Star Trek Trexels V.1.5 Update is, as noted, available now -- visit the iTunes App Store to get it for free.