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George Takei & Karl Urban Wrap Up STLV17

George Takei & Karl Urban Wrap Up STLV17

Star Trek Las Vegas came to a conclusion with help from Karl Urban, George Takei, Linda Park, John Billinsley, Nicole de Boer and Alice Krige.

Karl Urban

Urban charmed everyone in the house during his time on stage. He discussed everything from his Bourne work to the upcoming Thor: Ragnorak, as well as his Trek experience.

There wasn't a sound to be heard, though, as Urban answered a fan question about Anton Yelchin. "He was the smartest guy in the room, but you'd never know it," the actor said. "He was never flashy about how much he knew. He was knowledgeable about art, cinema, literature, photography... so many things. Anton was a beautiful guy. He was so inquisitive and genuinely passionate about other people. We were all completely devastated to lose him, absolutely debated. Losing him and then going out there four weeks later to promote Beyond was the hardest thing we've had to do."

A fan, before asking her question, expressed her pure affection for Urban. He responded, "I love you," he said. "I don't care if you like me, nothing is going to stop me from loving all of you." Pretty much everyone swooned.

George Takei

Takei returned to the main stage in the Leonard Nimoy Theatre for another solo panel. He shared his memories of making TOS, discussed Gene Roddenberry’s vision of diversity and paid tribute to the sadly growing list of Trek actors and behind-the-scenes figures who are no longer with us.

Takei also spoke passionately and at length about his internment experience and how that came to life in the musical Allegiance. He then quite proudly announced that he’ll be bringing Allegiance to Los Angeles starting in February 2018.

And we have to share Takei’s funniest line: “Scott Bakula was the first white (male) captain with a full head of hair.” Oh, myyyy!

Voyager Boys

The schedule said Robert Duncan McNeill and Tim Russ, but moderator Adam Malin announced that he had a surprise. So, after McNeill and Russ settled on the couch, Malin welcomed Garrett Wang. McNeill and Russ told Wang to sit between them, prompting Wang to joke that they've created a "Wang-which."

McNeill noted that there was conversation about him joining Deep Space Nine as his TNG character, Locarno. "It didn't pan out," he recalled. Then, when Voyager came around, McNeill was brought in to audition, and the producers decided to make Tom Paris "very similar to Locarno, but different because they didn't want him to carry any baggage."

Wang pointed out the coincidence that both he and Russ appeared, not in the same shot, in Death Wish 4, in which Russ was killed by Charles Bronson with rocket launcher.

Russ recounted another pre-Voyager Trek-fest. I was working on Roots: The Gift," he said. "One day on set I worked with LeVar (Burton), Avery (Brooks) and Kate (Mulgrew). To end up working with them, it was just insane."

Enterprise Quartet

Enterprise got its moment in the spotlight at STLV as Linda Park, John Billingsley, Vaughn Armstrong and Steven Culp teamed up for an informative conversation.

The conversation veered from memories of making Enterprise to politics to what the quartet are up to now in their respective careers.

Sir Patrick Stewart's 10 Best Non-Star Trek Roles

It was early in the morning, but plenty of fans gathered to debate Sir Patrick's best non-Trek roles. Jordan Hoffman led the proceedings. Once the list got narrowed down to 10, there really wasn't much debate.

The winner, by landslide, was Professor X from the X-Men movies.

What We Left Behind Documentary

Fans filled the main room for the panel devoted to the upcoming documentary, What We Left Behind. A very cool sizzle featuring Nana Vistor, Alexander Siddig, Armin Shimerman, Terry Farrell, Dan Curry and Rick Berman, among others, set the stage for Ira Steven Behr, David Zappone, Adam Nimoy and the rest of the doc team to talk about raising the necessary funds, upgrading footages, securing interviews, breaking episode one of a mythical season eight, etc.

Zappone recalled the genesis of the project. "We came up with the idea here...," he said, referring to a Star Trek Las Vegas event a few years ago. "I was on the dealer floor and said to Ira, 'How about a Deep Space doc?'"

So, where's the doc at? More than 100 interviews in the can. Five years devoted to the projects. Plans for it to be finished in time for DS9's 25th anniversary. "It's evolved as it's gotten bigger and bigger and bigger," Behr said. "The show had a reputation for being dark, but it was really about love and family, and the doc will reflect that."

Throughout the week, the team recorded fans' memories at the Deep Space Nine Confessional on the CBS All Access Stage.

Cosplay Mashup Contest

Star Trek cosplay wasn’t the only game in town at STLV. Some love was also showered on the folks who took the cosplay mashup route to great effect.

Hawk Girl - 1st Place

Scooby Crew - 4th Place

CBS All Access Stage

Scientists, cosplayers and contests helped wrap the final day on the CBS All Access Stage with Jordan Hoffman and Ian Spelling. Here are the highlights:

Caltech Drs. Robert Hurt, Jessie Christiansen & Philip Hopkins

Alternate Timeline & Time Travel Cosplayers

Mirror, Mirror Cosplayers

Trek Trivia Tournament Winner, Craig S.

But also awarded a special prize to Raishel W., who participated in more of our contests than anyone: three trivia battles and a spelling bee. She missed the fourth trivia session only because she was off cosplaying. So, thanks and congrats, Raishel!

Pop Minded by Hallmark's "Christmas Tree on the Edge of Forever" Competition

Sights from day four at Star Trek Las Vegas

Enterprise's Linda Park

Enterprise's John Billingsley

Enterprise's Steven Culp

Multi-Episode Guest Star, Vaughn Armstrong

Deep Space Nine's Casey Biggs, Jeffrey Combs, Nicole de Boer and James Darren

Deep Space Nine's Marc Alaimo

Deep Space Nine's James Darren & Marc Alaimo

Voyager's Robert Duncan McNeill, Garrett Wang & Tim Russ

The Search for Spock's Saavik, Robin Curtis